Jewelry designer, musician, stylist, and appraiser Maria Christina Eisen started Reckless Daughter while touring the US heavily with various bands. At first a comfort while enjoying a few days home from the road it eventually flourished into a business. Using her unique background in jewelry and antique appraisal at a prominent NYC thrift shop, as well as her frequent travel through touring, she hunts pieces from all over the globe and time to create her one of kind works of art. Edwardian silverplate fish knives, Tuareg pendants, raw quartz crystals, gold filled watches, and Navajo belt buckles all find their way into her creations. The unifying element amongst all these disparate pieces is an innate over-arching sense of balance, texture, and a multicultural aesthetic. Her love of history, world culture, and rock and roll informs every piece.

RECKLESS DAUGHTER is a combination of rock and roll woman, nomad, antiquarian, outlaw, poet, dreamer, and righteous mama.